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June 201

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Landfill Produces Solar Power
Join the EPA's Food Waste Challenge
Chicago Expands Recycling Efforts
EPA Fines Recycler for PCBs
Turning Markers Into Fuel
Keeping Bottles and Cans out of Landfills
Nebraska Looks to Tackle Old Tires
Textile Recycling Hits Record High
Is Pay to Throw The Right Waste Solution?
Grocery Chain Boosts Food Waste Recycling
EPA Fines C&D Landfill for Violations
Wisconsin Breaks E-Waste Recycling Goal
NYC Offers E-Waste Recycling for Apartments
Another Oregon City Bans Plastic Bags
C&D Recycling Service Convicted for Non-Compliance
North Carolina Hits Waste Diversion Record
Ohio Improves Glass Recycling Program
Recycling Up at Shopping Malls
EPA Awards NASA for Waste Redyction

NYC Starts Composting for Apartments


















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