Wisconsin Breaks E-Waste Recycling Goal

Officials from the state of Wisconsin recently announced that more than one hundred million pounds of e-waste and unwanted and unusable electronics has been collected and recycled as a result of the state’s ban on sending electronics and computers to regional landfills. The ban on e-waste disposal was enacted three years ago and included all residents and business owners in the state.

Televisions, computer, and cell phones top the list of most frequently recycled items. A report released by the state’s┬áDepartment of Natural Resources indicates that Wisconsin residents own three television sets per household. During fiscal year, 2012, which ended June 30 of last year, the state had collected more than twenty four million pounds of old and broken TV sets.

Throughout Wisconsin, there are more than four hundred state-approved registered e-waste collection sites that residents and businesses can bring their equipment to. These sites are guaranteed to responsibly handle the destruction of any data left behind on the machines as well as uphold all environmental guidelines for dismantling and recycling the metals and toxic substances contained in them.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Recycling electronics waste is a great way to help the environment and clean out your office’s storage closet! If you have old computers, electronics equipment, and phones taking up space, call your state’s Department of the Environment or Department of Sanitation to find out where and how to recycle e-waste. You’ll cut down on your waste disposal fees and gain some room in that closet or spare room!