Nebraska Looks To Tackle Old Tires

The Department of Environmental Quality for the state of Nebraska recently announced that funds are being awarded to the state in excess of two million dollars to support one hundred designated illegally dumped tire sites and waste tire recycling projects throughout the state.

In the state of Nebraska, a one dollar fee is levied against consumers for every new automotive tire purchased. The money collected from that fee is then awarded to municipalities and not for profit groups who work to manage the stream of old tires by cleaning up dump sites and finding innovative, new uses for them.

Individuals and businesses in Nebraska are responsible for generating an excess of one and a half million scrap tires every year – or one tire per person per year.┬áThe grants funds will help rectify environmental hazards caused by current tire piles and prevent illegal dumping of old tires.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Tires are a necessity for modern day transportation but old tires, when left outside, can cause environmental hazards. If your business maintains of fleet of vehicles, it’s worth investigating recycling solutions for used tires. You might just find a regional manufacturer who could use those tires for a new product!