Chicago Expands Recycling Efforts

The City of Chicago will expand curbside recycling services to approximately sixty one thousand new households and residences. This addition of services is the second phase of an improved waste collection and recycling plan the city enacted over a year ago.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has stated that providing convenient access to recycling services is essential to improving overall waste reduction and recycling of in-demand materials such as plastics, paper, and glass. The city’s goal is to have recycling services available to all by the close of the 2013 calendar year.

The households involved in the phase two implementation will be receiving their blue recycling bins in mid-June with routine curbside pick up staring in early July. The entire project is designed to bring recycling services to over six hundred thousand residents in the city and expansion plans will continue throughout the summer and into the fall as routes and schedules are finalized with haulers and collectors.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Making it convenient and easy for your employees to recycle waste materials is essential for cutting back on your waste disposal fees. Are recycling bins easy to access and clearly marked? Has everyone been involved in the discussion about why increasing recycling is important? Getting buy-in helps to guarantee participation and improves your chances for success!