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Articles, content and other information on Compactors, Balers, Crushers, Shredders, Grinders, Waste Equipment, Recycling Equipment and related products and services for Recycling and Waste Reduction.







About Compactors

Trash Compactors - Buyer Considerations & Tips

Compactors & Waste Equipment for Newbies


About Balers

Baler - Buying Considerations & Tips

Balers & Recycling for Newbies

Balers for Plastics

Baler Differences - Vertical and Horizontal

Cardboard Balers

Shredders & Grinders

About Shredders & Grinders

Small Grinders, Shredders & Granulators


About Densifiers

Waste Recycling - Specific Materials and / OR TRASH PROFILES

Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard Recycling Tips

Aluminum Can Recycling

Aluminum Recycling Process

Plastic PET Recycling

Plastic HDPE Recycling

Plastic Recycling

Mixed Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling

Textiles - Clothing

Recycling Fluorescent Bulbs - Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent Bulbs / Lamps Recycling

Recycling Electronics

Glass Recycling

Cell Phone Recycling

Carpet Recycling

Food Waste Disposal and Handling

Industrial Materials Recycling

Plastic Bottle Recycling Small Business and Home

Green Building Guidelines - Before, During and After Construction

Processing Fluorescent Bulbs / Lamp

Disposal, Handling and Recycling of Various Materials

Industry Specific

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Airports

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Amusement and Theme Parks

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Casinos

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Communications Industry

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Convenience Stores

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Distribution Centers

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Hospitals and Healthcare

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Hotels, Resorts and Motels

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Hi-Rise Apartments | Buildings

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Manufacturing Facilities

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Nursing Homes

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Office Complexes

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Shopping Centers

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Restaurants

Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Ships and Cruise Lines

More on Recycling at Airports
More on HealthCare and Medical Facilities
More on Schools, Colleges & Universisites
More on Hotels, Resorts and Hospitality
More on Manufacturing Facilities

More on Nursing Homes
More on Restaurants
More on Shopping Centers and Malls


Waste Recycling - General

Waste MonetizationSM

Waste Recycling - 10 Easy Steps for Getting Started

Waste Recycling Start-Up Considerations (40 Point Checklist)

Basic Steps for Waste Assessments

Cardboard Balers - Purchase, Lease or Rent

Cardboard Compactors - Some Basic Considerations

Commercial Trash Compactors - Common Sense

Compactors  - Some Hidden Benefits

Industrial Trash Compactors  - Basic Criteria for Implementation

Mini Balers - For Smaller Recycling Requirements

Trash Compactors - Not Glamorous But Very Useful

Using a Baler for Recycling

Vertical Balers - Recycling Power

Waste Compactors - Reduce the Trash Burden

Processing Fluorescent Bulbs / Lamps

Self Contained Compactors

Choosing a Waste Hauler

Composting Basics

Applicance Recycling

Automobile Recycling

Battery Recycling

Beverage Industry Waste Management

Buying Recycled Products

Recycling Cell Phones

Construction Debris and Demolition Materials Recycling

Construction Waste Regulations - General Info

Convention Center Recycling

Disaster Debris Recycling

Easy Recycling Ideas

Electronics Recycling

Foundry Sand Waste

Glass Recycling Basics

Handling Electronic Waste

Hazardous Materials in the Workplace

Hi-Rise Building Waste Recycling

Lead Waste Recycling

Mattress Recycling

Municipal Solid Waste Information

Office Reuse Recycle Ideas

Office Supply Recycling Misc

Packaging Waste

Paint Recycling

Paper Recycling

Parks Events Recycling

Recycled Insulation Material

Recycling Antifreeze

Recycling at Photo Processors

Recycling at Shopping Centers

Recycling tips for Auto Shops

Recycling tips for Business Owners

Recycling Waste Material

Resource Waste Management

Scrap Tire Waste Recycling

Selecting an Electronics Recycler

Solid Waste Safety Tips

Stadium Waste Recycling

Starting a Recycling Program - Basics

Steel Recycling

Used Oil Recycling

Wood Waste Recycling

Workplace Waste Reduction



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