Join The EPA’s Food Waste Challenge!

The United States Department of Agriculture, along with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently launched a new program called the Food Waste Challenge. The national contest will involve government agencies, communities groups and organizations, farmers, manufacturers, retailers, and processors to work together and within their own organization to commit to reducing waste food.

Program participants will report the activities undertaken to reduce the amount of food waste produced, recover more amounts of food fit for human consumption, and recycle food waste for uses such as composting and animal feed. The USDA and the EPA have set a goal of recruiting four hundred participants in the program.

The collaboration between the USDA and the EPA is designed to involve businesses from different sectors throughout the country and to help train and educate the population about the growing problem of food waste. As part of the challenge, programs will also be designed and made available to help reduce food waste in meal programs offered in schools as well as updating procedures for making it easier to donate meat and chicken products to food pantries.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: When was the last time you checked your waste disposal bin to see what’s in it? Depending on the nature of your business, there may be a sizable about of food waste. Instead of paying to dispose of that waste, why not look for ways to reduce, reuse or recycle? You’ll save some green while helping others and the environment!