NYC Offers E-Waste Recycling For Apartments

In innovative new waste management and electronics waste recycling program has been launched for multi-unit residences with more than ten units in the New York City.

The initiative, being promoted as e-cycleNYC, is a voluntary program designed to encourage apartment dwellers to increase their level of electronics recycling.

While there are numerous retail locations throughout the city that offer free drop off for e-waste materials such as computers and televisions, those individuals and families residing in apartments may experience difficulty with transporting large or heavy items – especially those that live in older buildings without elevators or for those city dweller who do not own an automobile and rely on public transportation. New York City officials believe that the municipality’s low e-waste recycling rate, compared to other locations in New York State and cities of comparable size, is attributable to that fact.

The new e-cycleNYC program would allow for residents to leave their e-waste in a designated location within their building for collection, free of charge. The waste would be collected along with other recyclables and garbage.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: When it comes to recycling more and disposing less, you need to think about the habits and needs of the people you are targeting. If you’re trying to increase recycling efforts in your business, think about your employees’ routines and habits and what might be hindering them from recycling more. Coming up with a solution might help to save you money in waste disposal fees!