Ohio Improves Glass Recycling Program

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded a special quarter of a million dollar grant to the Ohio regional EPA office and the Hamilton County Municipal Waste District for a new waste recycling center under construction in the town of St. Bernard. The grant funds will be used to incorporate and purchase innovative new recycling equipment and the ability to recycle increased varieties of waste materials.

Glass recycling will become a primary focus of the new facility and something that is not currently included in the region’s waste recycling services. There will also be streamlining of operations through equipment designed to sort, clean, and screen the glass materials.

Located near the city of Cincinnati, the grant funds and facility expansion will help the region to reduce its dependence on landfill space as well as providing manufacturers in the Ohio region with recycled glass materials that are used in the creation of numerous new products including new glass containers and home insulation.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Is you town or city looking to enhance and improve recycling and waste management services? While there’s no guarantee, looking to your regional environmental protection agency for grants and assistance might yield a program that fits your needs.