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Securely Shred and Compact large volumes of sensitive Documents 

Document Shredder - High Volume 


Compactor Fed By Document Shredder


Thru-the-Wall Chute for Shredder Compactor 



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ModeL DSC-810


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The Document Shredder and Compactor System is comprised of a High Volume Document Shredder in conjunction with a Thru the Wall Compactor Configuration in which the documents are conveyed into the Shredder and then the shredded pieces are moved outside into a Self Contained Compactor via a through the wall chute system.  

Great for Law Offices, Government, Health Facilities, Financial Instritutions and others who handle large volumes of sensitive information.


Configuration Overview

Basically a Document Shredder is installed indoors in close proximity to a Self Contained Compactor that is situated just outside from where the Shredder is located inside. Paper is loaded onto the InFeed Conveyor for processing through the Shredder where it is cut into 1" wide strips. From there it travels to the an Output Hopper and Conveyor which moves it into a Self Contained Compactor Hopper (which takes place through a Dock door opening that is completely enclosed around the conveyor).  Since the route from ithe Shredder on the inside to the Compactor Charge Box area on the outside occurs in a completely enclosed environment building security is maintained and breaches are avoided. Two security gates are also incorporated to close off the opening while the compactor is removed for unloading which takes approximately one hour. Breaker Bar teeth are also installed to prevent the material from flowing back into the Charge Box when the unit is nearing capacity.  In addition the Self Contained Compactor is equipped with Auto-Cycle Photo Eye and Conveyor control. Once the shredder documents are inside the Compactor they are completely secure until  delivery to the Recycling Center.

  Outfeed Hopper Conveyor to Compactor                               From Shredder inside to Compactor Charge Box                      Document Shredder with Conveyor   
  Hopper that catches shredded material with Conveyor that feeds the Compactor      View from Shredder into Compactror Charge Box area       Infeed Conveyor that takes the documents to the Shredder along with another view of the outfeed Hopper  / Conveyor     



Basic Factors affecting the pricing and Model that will be required
 What type of overal volume of documents are needing to be processed per week or per month
How do you want to feed the documents into the Shredder  
 What hours of equipment operation are intended per day and how many shifts
 What is the desired 'resulting particle size' or strip size of the shredded paper  
 Is any existing equipment to be utilized in the overall equipment configuration

Most Common Available OptionsMost Common Available Options

  • Conveyors 
  • Cart Tippers
  • Optional HP Motors
  • Larger Infeed Opening
  • Spare Parts Kit

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Performance may vary depending upon application.

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