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 Plus Automated Rear Chutes & Conveyors

This baler can be used for a variety of applications.  Manufacturing facilities, Recycling plants, Warehouses, and more.  This baler can bale almost anything including cardboard, plastics, metals, cans, newsprint and textiles.  The convenient conveyor drops the material directly into the baler, making it easy to streamline your baling operations.


Super High Volume 60" Vertical Baler with Conveyor

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                           SUPER HIGH VOLUME BALER SERIES

60CC-3010 - (Automated Rear Chute & Conveyor) 

60C-3010 - (Automated Rear Chute - No Conveyor)

60-2010(Baler only - No Rear Chute / Conveyor)

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This 60" Super High Volume Baling System is ideal for:

  • Recycling Centers
  • Transfer Stations
  • Large Warehouses / Distribution
  • Large Institutional Applications
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Large Retail / Shopping Centers
  • Large Educational Campuses
  • Large Hotels & Resorts
  • Military Bases
  • Other Large Industrial and Commercial Applications.

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This Super High Volume Baler is so Loaded with Incredible Power & Features, you won't even think about a Horizontal Baler.  

  • Forget about the high cost of a Horizontal Baler
  • Forget about costly material pre-conditioning
  • Forget about the huge operating area required by a Horizontal Baler  

This Baler is a production workhorse that is built for super high volume output . With a 10" Cylinder, 30 HP Motor and 30 Second Cycle Time, and many other features, this baler will produce big results fast.  It is loaded with standard features which includes a conveyor fed automated rear chute. Simply load recyclables in the Conveyor Hopper (which is 48" off the floor for extra safety) and watch this baler work. When the bale needs to be removed, the rear chute automatically closes until the bale is removed.  Quickly turn a truckload of loose recyclables into dense, high value bales.  With over 235,000 pounds of platen force it will process a large variety of the toughest recyclables into dense bales.  

The door is opened and closed by a hydraulic cylinder with a damper controlled feed chute. (When coupled with a conveyor, the Automatic Rear Chute is used to feed the baler PET bottles, used beverage containers, aluminum cans  and more).

60CC-3010 bales a variety of materials such as:

With the fast cycle time, you can make 2 to 3 dense cardboard bales weighing approximately 1,500 pounds each in less than an hour. Or you can make can 1 or 2 dense bales of PET weighing approximately 1,000 pounds each. Literally take truckloads of recyclables and turn them into 1or 2 dense bales in less than an hour. 

Whether it is recycling cardboard, PET bottles, aluminum cans, steel cans, tin cans, newspaper, HDPE (milk jug type containers), magazines or other materials, the design, components and construction is meant to produce many years of trouble-free economical service for our customers.

60CC-3010 Baler Specifications & Dimensions


Super High Volume Baler Performance Information

Bale Size

30” x  48” x  60”

Bale Volume

50 Cubic Feet

Cycle Time

30 Seconds (No Load)

Estimated Bale Weights


Bale Weight

Density Lbs/Cu Ft  Loose/Baled

Bales / Hr

OCC – Cardboard

Up to 1,300 - 1,450 Lbs

2.5 / 30

2 – 3

Magazine / Newsprint

Up to 1,600 Lbs

3.5 / 33

2 – 3


Up to 1,000 Lbs

1 / 18

1 – 2

UBC – Aluminum Cans

Up to 800 Lbs

1 / 24

1 – 2

Steel Cans

Up to 1,200 Lbs

1 / 20

1 – 2


Up to 1,200 Lbs

1 / 20

1 – 2

Polyurethane Foam

Up to 850 Lbs

1 / 20

1 – 2

Plastic Film

Up to 1,100 Lbs

1 / 15

1 – 2

Halofil Fiber

Up to 700 Lbs

1 / 20

1 – 2

Painted Sheet Metal

Up to 1,500 Lbs

3 / 30

1 – 2

Aluminum Radiators

Up to 1,600 Lbs

4 / 30

1 – 2

Copper Tubes / Wires

Up to 2,700 Lbs

4 / 30

1 – 2

Note: Performance Rates, Bale Weights, and Bale Densities are subject to many factors such as Material Pre-Bale Densities, Feed rates, Moisture Content and other variables.


*Super High Volume Baler Hydraulics   

Main Pumps

47.95 GPM - Double Vane

System Pressure

3000 PSI Maximum

Main Cylinder

10” Bore, 7” Rod,  52” Stroke

Ram Face Pressure

145 PSI

Overall Platen Force

235,620 Lbs

Oil Reservoir

150 Gallon Capacity

Hydraulic Manifold

2 - D08 Pattern Dir Valves, Pump Mounted Relief and Unloading

Door & Feed Chute Cylinders

 3.5” Bore, 10” Stroke, 2” Rod / 2.5” Bore, 10” Stroke, 1 3/8” Rod

*Super High Volume Baler Electrical

Main Motor

30 HP  -  230 / 460v – 3 Phase


NEMA 12 - Rated


UL Listed - PLC Controlled

Motor Type

TEFC High Efficiency


 LED Type


*Super High Volume Baler - Dimensions & Structural

Overall Height


Overall Width


Overall Depth – Main Unit


Overall Depth w Conveyor


Feed Opening

30” x 64”  


16,000 lbs – Baler Only (+ Conveyor @ 5,000 lbs)


*Other Features of the Super High Volume Baler

UL Listed Controls - Electrical Panel and Control Assembly

Product meets or exceeds all ANSI Z245.5 and OSHA standards.
Product has NEMA 12
Extended Platen Guide Tubes
Safety Interlock Circuit on Bale Door & Safety Gate
Counterbalanced Feed Door for Easy Open
Retainer Dog System

Soft Shift, Low Shock Hydraulic Circuit

Semi-Automatic Bale Ejection System
Factory Wired for Easy Installation
Extra reinforced framing
Tube Type Platen Guide System

Note: This baler can also be ordered as a stand alone without the Automated Rear Chute or Conveyor which is ideal in a situation where space is at a premium and you need the extremely high capacity of this Baler for bulky materials such as corrugated boxes which can be fed through the front loading door. This Baler (Model 60-2010 only) comes standard with a 20 HP instead of 30 HP.


Super High Volume Baler Diagrams

60C-3010 - Automated Rear Chute only (without Conveyor)


Super High Volume Baler with Rear Chute - Diagram

60CC-3010 Automated Rear Chute with Automated Rear Chute & Conveyor

Super High Volume Baler with Conveyor - Diagram