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Low Cost Economy Cardboard Baler

A Great 60" Vertical Cardboard Baler (& Plastic Wrap) for Low Budgets

While still extremely dependable, this is our comparatively low-cost baler to fit your budget.  With this baler you can easily bale up to 900 pounds per bale of cardboard or up to 500 pounds of shrink wrap.

Economy Cardboard and Shrink Wrap Baler

Economy Cardboard Baler - Vertical 60 Inch

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                      60-ECB - 60" ECONOMY CARDBOARD BALER

                               (Will also do Plastic Wrap / Shrink Wrap)


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A Low Cost, Low Budget Dependable Baler designed for Corrugated Cardboard and Stretch Wrap.

With a combination of tremendous value in features, user friendliness, dependability and a very low price, this baler for cardboard and shrink wrap baler can't be beat.

Ideal for:

  • Retailers
  • Grocery Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Government Facilities
  • Drug Stores
  • Schools, Universities, Colleges
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Many other applications for Industrial / Commercial Use

72" Economy Cardboard & Plastic Wrap Baler

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60" Low Cost Economy Cardboard Baler
Performance Information

Bale Size                60-ECB -BS

60” x  30” x  48”

Bale Volume          60-ECB -BV

50 Cubic Feet

Cycle Time             60-ECB -CT

58 Seconds (No Load)

Estimated Bale Weights


Bale Weight

Density Lbs/Cu Ft – Loose/Baled

Bales / Hr

OCC – Cardboard

Up to 900 Lbs

2.5 / 18

Up to 1.5

Plastic Wrap / Shrink Wrap

Up to 650 Lbs

2.5 / 13

Up to 1.5

Note: Performance Rates, Bale Weights, and Bale Densities are subject to many factors such as Material Pre-Bale Densities, Feed rates, Moisture Content and other variables.
Recommended Wire is 14 Gauge, 14' Length.


60" Low Budget Economy Cardboard Baler - Hydraulics   

Pump - GPM                               60-ECB -MP


Hydraulic Tank Capacity          60-ECB -HT 22

System Pressure (PSI)            60-ECB -SP

2200 Maximum  / 1800 Normal 

Main Cylinder                             60-ECB -MC

6” Bore - 3.5 Rod  - 48" Stroke

Ram Face Pressure                 60-ECB -FP

30 PSI

Overall Platen Force                 60-ECB -PF

62,202 Maximum lbs. / 50,893 lbs. Normal

60" Low Budget Economy Cardboard Baler - Electrical

Main Motor                                  60-ECB -HP

10 HP  -  208 / 230 / 480v – 3 Phase

Enclosure                                   60-ECB -EN

NEMA 12 - Rated

Controls                                      60-ECB -CL

ETL Listed

Motor Type                                  60-ECB -MT

TEFC High Efficiency


60" Low Budget Economy Cardboard Baler - Dimensions & Structural

Height                                            60-ECB -H


Width                                              60-ECB -W


Depth                                             60-ECB -D


Depth (Door Open)                     60-ECB -DO


Feed Opening                              60-ECB -FO

25” x 58”  

Weight                                           60-ECB -WT

Approximately 4,000 lbs


Other Features of the 60" Low Budget Economy Cardboard Baler


ETL Listed (see Electrical chart above)

60-ECB Product meets or exceeds all ANSI Z245.5 and OSHA standards.
60-ECB NEMA 12
60-ECB Bale Height Adjustable
60-ECB Safety Interlock Circuit on Bale Door & Safety Gate
60-ECB Counterbalanced Feed Door for Easy Open
60-ECB 4 Bale Tie Slots
60-ECB Full Bale Switch

Soft Shift, Low Shock Hydraulic Circuit

60-ECB Semi-Automatic Bale Ejection System
60-ECB Easy Installation


Optional Items of the 60" Low Budget Economy Cardboard Baler


Special Electrical / Single Phase Power

60-ECB-02 Slotted Door (Best use is shredded material in which bale can be tied off before opening door)
60-ECB-03 Full Bale Light   (Otherwise just two arrows for up and down of platen)
60-ECB-04 Front Feed Chute
60-ECB-05 Rear Feed Opening / Front Eject
60-ECB-06 Rotary Disconnect  (For very strict electrical requirements versus standard fused disconnect)
60-ECB-07 Oil Heater
60-ECB-08 Floppy Dogs (Used mostly on balers that are used for foam rubber or carpet pad type material)
60-ECB-09 Weather Cover
60-ECB-10 Wire Guide System (Allows for front bale tie off)
60-ECB-11 Lovejoy Coupling  (Makes it easier to replace pump or motor vs having to replace both if one fails)
60-ECB-12 Special Paint
60-ECB-20 Rear Feed Chute Package - Makes Baler Conveyor Ready (Rear Clamshell with Photo-Eye)
60-ECB-21 Rear Feed Chute Package with Conveyor  (Rear Clamshell with Photo-Eye and Conveyor)

60" Low Budget Economy Cardboard Baler Diagram

Economy Cardboard and Shrink Wrap Baler Diagram