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This Model utilizes Steel Containers on Wheels

Trash Chute Compactor with Steel Container




                        TCC-225 - HI-RISE TRASH CHUTE COMPACTOR  


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Trash flow from building to compactor to container makes waste disposal easy.

This Trash Chute Compactor with Steel Container on large casters (for easy transport to hauler tipping area) is very versatile for many types of multi-story or multi-level applications, which includes Apartments, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and more.   The steel containers can either be Front Load Containers or Rear Load Containers.

Waste that is disposed of from floors above through a chute system flows into a hopper that feeds the compactors.

When the heavy duty steel container becomes full, it is simply wheeled to the hauler tipping area for pick-up.

Depending upon trash volume, it is oftentimes useful to have one or more extra containers that can be used in the compactor while the full containers are awaiting pick-up by the hauler.

Refer to Indoor Compactor Benefits for other advantages.



  • Large Hopper Design
  • Extra Heavy Duty Containers
  • Dual Side Container Latch Release
  • Container Present Switch
  • Dual Side Cleanout Doors
  • Key Operated Selector Switch
  • Front or Rear Load Containers
  • Easy Connect & Disconnect of Container with one lever pull

(Other options may be available)

Extra Containers (either Front Load or Rear Load)
3 Phase - 5 HP
3 Phase 2 HP 208v / 230v
3 Phase 2 HP 460v


Trash Chute Compactor with Steel Container Specifications -  TCC-225
Container Capacity  2.25 Cubic Yards 
Charge Size   1/3 (.35) Cubic Yards 
Motor   2 HP TEFC 
Electric Power  1 PH - 115v/30 amp - 230v/20 amp 
Pump   2 Stage 
Oil Capacity  3 Gallons  
Cylinder Size   4" Bore; 2" Rod; 30:25" Stroke  
Ram Pressure @ 2000   25,134 lbs.  
Cycle Time  31 Seconds 
Compactor Dimensions (inches) H: 70"; W: 46"; L: 70" (+2" Sleeve)
Container Dimensions (inches) H: 79"; W: 45"; L: 83"  
*Overall Height  (Compactor + Container) 79 inches  
*Overall Width (Compactor + Container 46 in 
*Overall Length  (Compactor + Container 143 in (12 Feet)
Square Footage Footprint (excludes any extra Buffer) 50 Sq Ft
Actual Weight  (Compactor (850 lbs) + Container (750 lbs) 1,600 Lbs.
*Does not include the recommended buffer for normal operation and service.


(Refer to chart also)

Trash Chute Compactor with Steel Container Diagram

Trash Chute Compactor Room - Layout Example

Trash Chute Compactor Room - Layout Example

Note: Specifications, Dimensions & other product details may vary slightly upon delivery due to continuous product progressions and improvement. If exactness is required on any item(s), confirm in writing before ordering. In our efforts to provide products with the most up to date engineering and design, we reserve the right to change specifications, dimensions and other product details without notice.

Performance may vary depending upon application.

Products must be installed and operated according to required standards, codes, regulations and safety procedures.


Note: Dimensions may be rounded (and unless indicated) do not include any recommended 'perimeter buffer'.

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