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The Standard Footprint Model is Applicable for Higher Volume Applications


High Rise Apartment Trash Compactor


High Rise Apartment Trash Compactor


                        IHR-50SF  - STANDARD HIGH RISE COMPACTOR


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This model of High Rise Compactors is best suited to help the taller height and higher volume High Rise Building (with chute systems) reduce trash and waste disposal problems and costs. 

The Hopper on the Compactor adjoins to the building chute system and collects, and automatically compacts, the trash. When the compactor becomes full the result is a cube of trash (that is easily removable) which is transported to the dumpster area via  a lift cart.

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Automatic cube (trash) ejector
Computer Controlled Hydraulics
Single Phase Electrical (230V-60Hz)
5 HP Motor
Drip Tray
Two Stage Hydraulic Pump
Quick Disconnect Chamber 
Air Sanitizer / Odor Control System
Bag Dispenser
Durable Inside Container (for Lining Trash Bags)
Vertical Feed Chute


Hydraulic Lift Cart
208 / 230V - 3 Phase
Stainless Steel Cart
Trash Bags
Cover for Inside Container
Tape Dispenser
Tape 2" Heavy Duty / 36 Rolls per Case



High Volume High Rise Compacting System Specifications
Standard Footprint
Height 95 in
Width 52 in
Length 103 in
Length with Door Open 135 in (11.25 feet)
Square Footage Footprint (excludes any extra Buffer) 50 Sq
Charge Opening  25" x 30"
Loading Door Opening 24" W x 17" H
Cube Capacity 9 cu. ft.
Cube Eject Hydraulic
Reduction Ratio up to 10:1
Motor 5 HP TEFC
Ram Pressure Vertical 31,800 Lbs.
Rear Chute Ram Pressure 31,500 Lbs.
Hydraulic Eject Ram Pressure 14,137 Lbs.
Cycle Time 50 seconds
Main Cylinder Size - Vertical  (Twin Cylinders) (2) 4.5" Bore; 3" Rod; 33" Stroke
Rear Chute Cylinder Size - Horizontal (Twin) (2) 4" Bore; 2" Rod; 30.25" Stroke
Hydraulic Eject Cylinder Size 3" Bore; 2" Rod; 28.25" Stroke
Electric Power 230 V  1 Phase - 20 amp
Cube Tying Bag
Full Cube Weight up to 350 Lbs.
Shipping Weight Approx 4,000 Lbs.


High Rise Apartment Trash Compactor


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High Rise Apartment Trash Compactor Diagram

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