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high rise apartment compactors
Reference Guide

Designed for use with Trash Chute Systems

High Capacity
High Rise Compactors

Standard Footprint: IHR-50-SF

High Rise Apartment Compactor

Standard Capacity
High Rise Compactors

Reduced Footprint IHR-40-RF

High Rise Apartment Compactor


Trash Chute Compactors with Steel Containers
 (Front Load or Rear Load)

Trash Chute Compactor with Steel Containers

High Rise Compactor Combo for Trash and Recycling

High Rise Trash Recycling Diverter

The High Rise Compactors can offer many advantages:

  • With a compaction ratio of up to 10 to 1 the High Rise Compactors can play a major role in reducing waste hauling requirements by 50% or more as well as the labor costs associated with waste processing. 
  • Containerized waste can help greatly in the control and/or elimination of problems associated with rodents, flies, birds, and other vermin inside and around the dumpster area.
  • Containerized trash can help control or eliminate problems associated with 'others' using your dumpster to discard their trash.
  • Clean and neat trash areas can help produce a better appearance and overall image of the building with tenants, guests, vendors and the community in general.
  • The reduction of stored trash can help reduce fire hazards.
  • Trash Compactors can help simplify housekeeping while also providing a better work environment for the building employees (due to the reduction in the requirements for handling and managing trash).
  • High Rise Trash Compactors can be equipped with Air Sanitization Systems that help control waste odor normally experienced by guests and staff.
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