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Small Compact Baler with a very big punch!

This 42" Compact Baler is ideal for:

  • Department Stores
  • Small Retail and Supermarkets
  • Convenience Stores
  • Healthcare (Hospitals / Medical)
  • Nursing Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Office Developments
  • Industrial & Commercial Sites

Comparison Chart on 42" Vertical Balers


The compact design of the 42CVB
allows it to fit through a standard 3' x 7' doorway.

The 42" Compact Baler can operate where ceilings heights are only 8 feet.

Designed for Easy Installation Self Install

Upper Door is counterbalanced for Easy Lifting

Safe Design  - Control Panel UL Listed and meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA Safety Standards

Cycle Time of only 12 seconds

Space Saver Design

Designed for Easy Service and Maintenance

Construction of the Baler is Heavy Duty

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42" Compact Baler Specifications

Bale Size 22" x 42" x up to 30" (560mm x 1067mm x up to 762mm)
Bale Weights (Up to in lbs)  



-Aluminum Cans

-Steel Cans


-Newsprint / Magazines


180 lbs
135 lbs
100 lbs
240 lbs
150 lbs
170 lbs
145 lbs
Ram Pressure

@ 2000 25,133 pounds (11,400 kg)

Cycle Time 12 seconds
Cylinder 4" (102mm) Bore, 1.5" (38mm) Rod, 10" (254mm) Stroke
Motor 2 HP, 1725 RPM, TEFC
Pump Two Stage
Electrical Power 115 / 230 Volt, 1 Phase, 60Hz,
Bale Ejection Manual Lever System
Bale Tying Wire or Twine


42" Compact Baler Dimensions

Loading Door Opening 20" x  42"
Unloading Door Height 38"
Overall Height 93"
Overall Depth 35"
Overall Width 50"
Depth with Door Open 80"
Width with Door Open 60"
Shipping Height 78"
Shipping Weight 1,600 Pounds
Required Operating Area

33.3 Square Feet


42" Compact Baler Diagram

42" Compact Baler Diagram


Note: Specifications, Dimensions & other product details may vary slightly upon delivery due to continuous product progressions and improvement. If exactness is required on any item(s), confirm in writing before ordering. In our efforts to provide products with the most up to date engineering and design, we reserve the right to change specifications, dimensions and other product details without notice.

Performance may vary depending upon application.

Products must be installed and operated according to required standards, codes, regulations and safety procedures.

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