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Bottle & Can Baler - HORIZONTAL
With Liquid Extractor

The Horizontal Bottle and Can Baler is a great solution to recycling bottles and cans and handling liquids which may be extracted from them when crushed.  The liquids are conveniently captured and contained for disposal, or released into your drainage system while the bottles or cans are crushed to be recycled.

          HORIZONTAL BOTTLE CAN BALER (+ Tipper)- HBCB-2000

Vertical Bottle Can Baler 

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Quick overview on Plastics Balers

This Horizontal Bottle Can Baler is ideal for:

  • Recycling Centers
  • Transfer Stations
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping Centers
  • Department Stores
  • Military Bases
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Hotels / Resorts
  • Industrial & Commercial Sites


Horizontal Bottle Can Baler Specifications

Bale Size 30" x 18 " x up to 30" (76cm" x 47cm"x up to 76cm")
Bale Weights- Aluminum Cans up to 180 lbs. (82 kg)
Bale Weight - Plastic Bottles / PET up to 340 lbs. (154 kg)
System Total Force 96,215 lbs. (43,643 kg)
Platen Force 190 lbs / psi
System Pressure (Main) 2500 psi
System Pressure (Secondary) 2500 psi
Cycle Time 35 - 45 Seconds
Platen Cylinder 7"  Bore     -     4" Rod     -   54" Stroke
Latch Cylinder 3" Bore      -     1.5" Rod  -  16.25" Stroke
Tipper Cylinder 3" Bore      -     1.5" Rod  -  16.25" Stroke
Motor 20 HP, TEFC
Pump (Main) 16 GPM Fixed Valve
Pump (Secondary) 3.7 GPM, Fixed Valve
Hydraulic Circuit (Main) Regenitive Variable Speed
Hydraulic Circuit (Secondary) Standard Variable Speed
Total System Volume 38 Gallons
Oil Reservoir Volume 27 Gallons
 Liquid Reserve 84 Gallon/ Accepts a 3" male pipe coupler
Electric Power 208v / 230v / 460v, 3 Phase, 60 HZ
Bale Tying Wire or Polyethylene Strap
Bale Ejection Hydraulic


Horizontal Bottle Can Baler Dimensions

Overall Height 76"  
Overall Length 170" 
Overall Width 126
Baler Weight 7,600 lbs. (3039kg)
Tipper Height 108"
Tipper Length 73"
Tipper Width 105"
Tipper Weight 3,400 lbs
Required Installation and Operating Area for Baler 175 Sq. Ft.
Tipper Dimensions 105" x 108" x 73"
Required Installation and Operating Area for Tipper 125 Sq Ft.
Total Footprint with Baler & Tipper (Approx) 17' x 18'


Horizontal Bottle Can Baler with Tipper  Diagrams:

Horizontal Bottle Can Baler plus Tipper

Horizontal Bottle Can Baler with Tipper Diagram


Horizontal Bottle Can Baler Dimension Diagrams:

Bottle & Can Baler - Horizontal - Diagram

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