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Every business should be looking at innovative ways to save money while also helping the environment, without sacrificing productivity. Among the most popular of options found in modern times is really a nostalgia trip for some, as it deals with compactors. These small footprint machines which can be located in kitchen areas, utility rooms and other convenient locations are becoming more and more popular. Instead of spending many wasted hours handling trash and making trips to the dumpster, the trash can be compacted so that trash routines are streamlined and trips to the dumpster occur much less often. Managing garbage might not sound alluring, but saving money is a great thing, which is why compactors are definitely something to consider. Besides all the many obvious benefits below are 3 other ways that compactors can help:

    Carbon Footprint – Extra Hauling requirements due to loose trash versus compacted trash means much more emissions that could otherwise be eliminated by implementing a compactor. There may also be tax advantages for those who are taking steps to lower energy consumption. Saving on energy usage is not only a great thing for those who are realizing the savings directly but it is also a great thing for the environment. If more people catch onto these types of “green” options, then the world could reverse the trends of global warming with relative ease.


    Landfill Utilization – Not only do compactors help reduce the time and money required for waste care, but they also help landfills. Since compactors help make waste much more manageable it means better landfill utilization and longer life spans. In short, when waste is compacted at the source everybody along the ‘waste management chain’ benefits.  Not only is money saved at every level but the Earth can also be saved one step at a time.


    Trash Related Incidentals such as Parking Lot maintenance and cleaning – Since the volume reduction ratios of compactors are typically anywhere from 5 to 1 up to 15 to 1 it means that trash ‘tips’ and/or ‘pulls’ are greatly reduced. which can mean a big reduction in wear and tear on your parking lot. In addition, overflowing dumpsters can be eliminated and the size and number of dumpsters cluttering your parking lot can also be reduced.   

The above 3 hidden benefits are more reasons why compactors are helpful in business. This type of waste equipment can be a benefit to almost any business who does not already use compactors in their business operations. If you take the time to evaluate the advantages of compactors it could literally mean savings of anywhere from 15% to 50% of your annual waste hauling costs, not to mention the labor and productivity benefits. With that said you will also be one step ahead of your competitors who do not use compactors in their business.


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