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The world is facing economic hardships of all types, and finding extra money here and there has been quite hard. That’s why many companies are turning to recycling as a means of overcoming the rough economic picture that’s in front of most, and get moving forward with better options. If you are one of the many businesses that is looking for ways to reduce cost or maximize efficiency, consider utilizing a Baler for recycling. In fact, both small and large businesses all over the globe are utilizing balers for this very reason.  

The cost of owning a Baler can oftentimes be offset rather easily and quickly by the revenues received from the baled materials that are being recycled. In addition, balers can also be rented or leased so that the recycling paybacks are much easier to quantify.  Programs can be tailored for each customer depending upon their preferences including not only supplying a baler but the pick up of recyclables as well.  

For those that aren’t sure what this type of heavy machinery does, it’s important to understand the functions. A Baler can be used for recycling because it can crush or compact just about anything within reason. Of course you first have to separate your recyclable materials before baling and once they are baled you are in a position to either have the recyclables picked up at your facility, or if you have the means, you can haul them to the recycling facility yourself.  The price you are paid for baled recyclables will depend upon the size and density of the bale, the quality of the materials, the volume of recyclables materials and other factors.

For businesses that generate large amounts of recyclables that are in demand such as plastics, cans and cardboard, the returns on your investment in a baler can be fairly instant. By baling these materials the demand and value increases significantly.  Not only can businesses receive money for these recyclables, but they are also removing them from the waste stream that would otherwise cost money to haul away. In addition to the revenues and savings from recycling  there is also the environmental benefits.  

The implementation of a baler can be a great step towards streamlining waste processing operations and better efficiency.  There are basically two types of balers that are very common. The vertical balers in which case the most common is probably the 60” Vertical Baler and also the Horizontal Balers which are typically implemented for much higher volumes of recyclables as well as more automation.  There are balers that will fit almost any type of application, and with the amount of options, accessories  and / or customizations that can be implemented there is no reason for any customer to settle for anything less than the absolute best fit.

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