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EPS Foam Densifiers



EPS Densifier - Foam Compactor - Series 1-950         Densifier - Compactoer - Series 1 - 3400  


Volume reduction ratios of 50 to  can be achieved consistently with the use of EPS Densifiers or Foam Compactors. Scrap EPS such as foam blocks and foam boxes receive maximum densification where a cubic yard that normally weighs 5 pounds can be trie your scrap EPS packaging including blocks and boxes. This basically means that scrap weighing about 15 lbs per cubic yard can be densified to levels of roughly 500 - 800 pounds per cubic yard..

The EPS Foam Densifiers work very well on EPS but not as well on Styrofoam. EPS is basically what used for protective packaging and coffee cups and so forth while styrofoam is the  rigid insulation type boards.  EPS has the seprate bead appearance and styrofoam has the uniform structure or look.. In addition, EPS is smooth to the touch while styrofoam feels like sand paper. With EPS the densifiers make solid logs tjat can be handled, whereas with Styrofoam the volume can be reduced but the logs are very fragile and cannot be handled.  The Densifiers will not work on polyethylene or other flexible foams.  If you can break it in your hands it will work but if it is a sponge like substance then it will not work.  The EPS Shredders work well on both EPS and styrofoam but just like the EPS Densifiers or Compactors they do not work well on polyethylene or other flexible spongy type foams

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