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Balers for Cardboard, Plastic, Cans, Bottles, Clothing, Textiles and other materials that are easy to implement and produce lots of recycling benefits.

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60" High Density Baler
60" Economy Cardboard Baler
42" Compact Baler
36" Stockroom Baler
27" Mini-Baler

Great for a large variety of applications including cardboard recycling, plastics recycling, metal can recycling, bottle recycling, clothing & textile recycling and more. A couple of these models also have casters so that they can be very portable.

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Baler - High Density

60" High Density Baler

Excellent all-around baler that is durable, user-friendly & low maintenance

Due to the huge demand and volume of these 60" High Density Balers, they are the same price range as the 48" High Density Balers. If you are looking for a Baler that packs a lot of punch for your cardboard, plastics, metal or aluminum cans etc, this is a great choice. And there are plenty of options that offer lots of flexibility, not only for added user-friendliness, but also the ability to do other materials such as textiles and more.  


Low Budget Cardboard Baler 60" Economy Cardboard Baler

This Cardboard Baler has been designed for those with very low budgets. Because of this, there are no options available, but the price makes it all worthwhile for those who need to bale cardboard only.   Although the price has been trimmed greatly this baler can still produce cardboard bale weights of up to 900 lbs.
36 Vertical Stockroom Baler
42" Compact Baler

When you need a good portable, mid-size baler that is on casters so that it can easily be wheeled around within the facility, this is the right baler.  It can produce dense bales that are smaller and easier to handle.  For example, the cardboard bale weights are up to a maximum of 175 pounds.
 36 Vertical Stockroom Baler 36" Stockroom Baler

Oftentimes the 36" Stockroom Baler is the ideal choice when space, budget and a superb warranty (for more peace of mind) are desired.  This baler can produce plastic bottle bale weights of up to 230 pounds and cardboard bale weights of up to 250 pounds.  In addition to the extended warranty that is included the space requirements of the baler are only about 5' x 5'.
Mini-Baler Compactor Mini Baler  

This mini-baler is the perfect choice when small, easy to handle bales are desired as well as ease of operation and simplicity.  The size of the baler, the refrigerator style doors and the simple push button controls make it a breeze to implement within almost any type of facility. Bale weights are only in the range of about 40 pounds to 100 pounds so oftentimes the finished bales can be hand carried to their storage area.  The simple operation resembles that of the push-button utility compactors that are about the size of a refrigerator and are usually placed in utility rooms and storage areas.

Recycling Balers - Quick Overview

Balers are used to bale recyclable materials such as plastic, metals, clothing, paper or cardboard for proper transportation to a recycling facility.  Baling equipment compresses large amounts of recyclable materials into dense bales which are more manageable and sized for transporting. 

Balers are needed in most manufacturing and retail businesses.  In retail businesses, a common use is to bale paper, cardboard and plastic.  In manufacturing businesses, balers are used to bale a wide assortment of materials such as scrap metal, bottles, cans, textiles, vegetation, and much more.  Balers are also used by material recycling facilities. 

Balers are primarily constructed of welded steel and sheet steel for durability under pressure.  Most balers are run by hydraulics and with proper maintenance can perform well for many years.  Because balers are sometimes stored outside in covered areas, a good finish is needed to protect the steel from rusting.

 There are several different sizes and types of balers.  The majority of balers used in the marketplace are manually fed however when there is a continuous flow of material that needs to be baled automatic baling systems can also be utilized.  Under these circumstances, it is usually best to have an automatic feed system such as a hopper, conveyor, chute or other loading mechanism. 

Many balers can operate in automatic mode and compress automatically when the chamber is full.   When the correct size of bale is achieved, the bale is secured with twine or wire for transporting.  After the bale is tied, it is ejected from the chamber either manually or via an automatic eject system onto a pallet for ease of transporting. 

Balers are available to produce a variety of sizes of bales.  It’s best to consult with your equipment supplier or your recycling center to see what size bale is required (and most marketable) for the material you are submitting.  For example, cardboard bales are usually accepted in 48”, 60” or 72” bales.  Therefore, one would need a 48” baler, 60” baler, or a 72” baler to produce an acceptable size bale. 

Balers are more than equipment; they are a part of the way you do business.

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