New Aluminum Recycling Program

The international aerospace and aviation corporations, Boeing and Alcoa recently announced a joint partnership for an innovative new waste management program that is expected to significantly increase their Boeing’s ability to recycle aerospace grade aluminum alloys needed for the production of the airplanes they manufacture.

Both companies estimate that an excess of eight million pounds of waste or unusable aluminum material can be expected to enter the recycling stream within the first year the program is in full operation.

The recycled materials will come from scrap  aluminum alloy materials needed in the manufacturing of fuselage and wing components of Boeing airplanes. Some of the specific waste materials to be recycled will include aluminum sheet and plate products and extrusions.

Boeing stands to benefit by reducing waste and minimizing disposal fees while demonstrating environmental stewardship and Alcoa, in turn, will have a source of high quality aluminum ready to enter the waste materials supply chain and recycling market.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If your business produces a high volume of a specific kind of recycling waste, it may be in your best interest to find a business partner that caters to that niche.  By working together you’ll alleviate workload, share expertise, and realize cost savings. Just remember, recycling isn’t something that you have to do independently. With many recycling services and waste materials re-sellers entering the market, it’s worth exploring the opportunities available to you!