Illegal C&D Dumping Results In Jail Time

Both a New York property owner and a New Jersey waste disposal business owner were recently convicted and sentenced for dumping thousands of tons of construction debris and asbestos illegally near government protected wetlands in upstate New York and for  lying to environmental protection agency investigators.

The owner of Mazza & Sons, Dominick Mazza, will spent over four years in prison and be required to seventy five thousand dollars in criminal fines and close to half a million dollars in restitution for damaging the preserved area. His company will be responsible for almost six hundred thousand dollars worth of fines and cleanup costs.

Cross Nicastro, the property owner, will spent close to three years in prison, and be required to pay fines and clean-up costs in excess of five hundred thousand dollars.

Both men were convicted on counts of using Nicastro’s twenty eight acre property over the as an illegal dumping site for construction and demolition debris and asbestos. The two also forged a Department of Environmental Conservation landfill permit complete with the signature of an DEC official.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If your business is in C&D, it pays to makes sure you’re dealing with law-abiding, reputable trash haulers. Take time to do your research and make sure that your waste is going to an approved location. Cutting corners, or acting illegally can result in big fines and jail time!