Maine Considers Waste Paint Program

The northeastern state of Maine is expected to be the next in line to join a growing number of states in legislating producer liability for pain products. The measure has passed in the legislature and is awaiting approval by governor Pal LePage. If the measure passes Maine would be the seventh state in the United States to enact a paint stewardship law. The measures is backed and supported by PaintCare, and industry group that works with states to ensure unwanted and unused paint is properly disposed of my both individuals and commercial customers.

The proposed paint takeback program would include a small fee attached to the price of new can of paint in order to offset the costs of recycling and properly disposing of the leftover paint and paint can.

Paint is considered a toxic waste substance and must be disposed of properly in order to ensure the protection of the environment and water sources. Typically, municipalities offer times and events throughout the year when substances such as paint can be brought to landfills for proper disposal. Placing paint cans in with regular garbage disposal is dangerous and in some places, illegal.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If paint and paint cans are a part of your business, or if you’re working on sprucing up your home with a fresh coat, be sure you know how to dispose of the waste in a correct and law-abiding way. If you’re uncertain, call your local environmental protect department or municipal transfer station. When you take the steps to protect the environment, you’ll also take the steps to avoid any fines and penalties!