Cleveland Increases Waste Police

The city of Cleveland, Ohio is getting serious about proper trash disposal and recycling. Last year alone, the city’s “trash police” wrote more than one┬áthousand┬áthree hundred tickets to those residents who did not follow trash collection regulations.

In early 2012, the city announced its get tough stance on garbage rule-breakers and staring in April those who continued to break the law were issued fines and citations. In six months, the city has collected more than sixty five thousand dollars in fines. The policing is done by city collection workers using special handheld devices to log time, date, and location of violations. The device also allows a photo of the infraction to be taken as evidence. Tickets are printed and sent to the property owner.

In 2011, Cleveland enhanced its curbside trash and recycling service and now all residents are required to participate in the city-wide waste recycling program or be issued a ticket for non-compliance.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Is you town getting tough on proper waste disposal and recycling? The more waste that ends up in landfills means the more money that your community has to spend on trash fees! Leading with a “carrot” is always a good idea, but when people don’t follow the rules, sometimes leading with a “stick” gets them to pay attention!