Charlotte Airport Starts Composting Program

Worms are the latest addition to the Charlotte, North Carolina Douglas International Airport but travelers need not worry about coming into regular contact with the wiggly earth-mover, they’ll be residing in the airport’s new composting system housed in the facility’s  recycling center.

Over one and a half million Georgia Red Wigglers (considered the best worm species for large scale composting programs) are now hard at work in the recycling facility, turning organic matter such as food scraps and landscaping waste into nutritious compost fertilizer. Since launching the recycling center three years ago, the airport has reduced the amount of waste materials it send to landfills by close to seventy percent. The hope for the composting program is that it increases that amount to close to ninety percent waste diverted.

The airport plans to use the nutrient-rich compost for landscaping and fertilizer for it’s grounds and surrounding area. Airport authorities hope to see the full recycling operations recovering its costs within the next two years through reduced garbage disposal fees and landscaping costs.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: With any start-up operation, recycling included, you need to plan out and monitor your costs and expected break-even point. With attention to details, the amount you invest in recycling initiatives will come back to your business over time.