Pennsylvania Starts New E-Waste Law

In late January of 2013 the state of Pennsylvania enacted new laws prohibiting residents and business owners from disposing of unwanted or broken electronics waste with their routine trash pick-up. The Department of Environmental Protection for the state of Pennsylvania is overseeing compliance and monitoring the new change is policy.

The law was originally passed back in 2010, but provided municipalities lead time to prepare and inform residents. The new ruling prohibits computers, monitors, laptops, televisions, all other encased computer devices from regular trash disposal. All trash haulers conducting business in the state will no longer accept the material unless the specific community develops a special curbside recycling program.

State representatives are excited to see the new law implemented as they believe the economic benefit of harvesting the metals and recyclable components from electronic waste will far exceed the cost of allowing the devices to negatively impact the environment in a landfill.

The new policy will changes how electronics manufacturers can do business in the state. All businesses making or selling covered computer devices must promote electronics waste recycling by establishing mail-back and collection programs for consumers of their products.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: What is your business and state doing to promote e-waste recycling? Internal components may have value on the recycling market or be considered a charitable donation. Take the time to see how you can save green by recycling!