Zero-Waste Achieved For West Liberty Foods

West Liberty Food, an Iowa based food production company has released in its recent corporate environmental sustainability report that it is successfully diverting  ninety nine percent of material and organic waste from disposal in local landfills. This zero waste or landfill free status has been verified for certification by the outside, third party certifying agency NSF International.

West Liberty is considered a manufacturer of private label deli produce and meats as well as fully cooked frozen meals. The company provides its products to food and retail chains throughout the United States.

West Liberty states that it has diverted in excess of two million pounds of waste products that would otherwise have gone to local and regional landfills.

Company officials credit the success of attaining the certification to a comprehensive effort by all employees and a comprehensive plan to reduce waste and increase recycling.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Achieving zero waste status isn’t an impossible goal for any business as long as you put a plan in place, make incremental steps, and involve all stakeholders. Diverting your waste from disposal to recycling not only helps the environment but can help you cut costs!