Increased Recycling In Atlanta

The city of Atlanta, Georgia has reported that more than two hundred tons of waste material were kept out of regional landfills since the city made the decision to expand its recycling program.

Since launching the program last October, the amount of tonnage recycled has increased by twenty three percent, city administrators claim, up from a little over one thousand  tons collected to over fourteen hundred tons.

Atlanta’s ultimate goal is to divert ninety percent of all waste materials from landfills through recycling, and providing many and varied opportunities for residential recycling is critical for attaining that success.

In addition to helping preserve the environment, there’s also a money factor involved – the city receives thirty dollars per ton for recycling instead of paying out increasing high fees for landfill disposal. Last year, before the recycling program started, the city paid out over seven million dollars in garbage disposal fees. They are hoping to see that amount drop considerably in the year ahead.

In addition to residents, all municipal employees and city owned building are also steeping up their efforts. In the last six months, recycling at all city offices and building increased from seven tons to forty tons of recyclable materials.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: When you’re trying to save money by increasing recycling efforts it’s important that you “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk”. Are your municipal building and employees doing all they can to eliminate waste by recycling more?