Manufacturers Save Big Going Green

There are several different ways manufacturing and distribution businesses can enhance their profits and at the same time help to preserve the environment and improve quality of life for their community.

For example, in New Hampshire, an owner of an independently owned electrical distributor improved the businesses bottom line by implementing several environmentally aware initiatives. The business decided to offer free light audits to their commercial customers, will recycle their unwanted or used thermostats and light bulbs, and tries to educate their  customers about the benefits of lighting products that are energy-efficient. By increasing their knowledge of green products, they are also helping their customers to save money as well.

The company also started a recycling program in-house that has reduced waste disposal fees by almost seventy five percent – simply by putting less trash in the dumpster every day!

The new going green program as also helped to boost employee morale and both new and long time workers have commented that they take pride in seeing their company take a positive approach to environmental issues – as well as the increased revenue and job security being generated from returning customers pleased with the enhanced services being provided to them.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Even if it costs your business a little bit of money in short term start-up costs, in the long run, providing your customers with environmentally friendly knowledge and services will serve you and your employees well!