EPA Gets Serious About Illegal Pesticide Use

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is getting serious about filing legal and criminal actions against businesses found to be importing or selling pesticides that have been deemed illegal to use due to their toxic or hazardous chemical nature.

Legal action is currently being taken against two businesses, Everyday Group based in Brooklyn, New York, and Daifuku Trading located in Englewood, New Jersey for selling illegal and unregistered pesticides. Federal law requires that all pesticides be EPA registered and have labels printed in English with instructions for safe and appropriate use.

A routine inspection of the facilities revealed that products being sold were mis-branded, improperly labeled, and imported from other countries without first notifying the EPA. Research has shown that pesticide use can result health concerns from skin irritation to cancer including causing medical problems with the body’s hormone and endocrine systems.

Over the last year, the EPA division covering New York and New Jersey inspected over two hundred and fifty retail locations and pesticide distributors and confiscated over twenty thousand units of illegal pesticides. It is the responsibility of the retailer and distributor to make sure that all pesticides being sold are in compliance with federal and state regulations.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Using or selling illegal pesticides puts the safety and health of your employees, customers, and community members at risk. Trying to save a few dollars buying unregistered chemicals can end up costing you and your business legal action, fines, and negative publicity!