Clover Technologies Strikes Gold With Recycled Cartridges

Clover Technologies, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of recycled printer cartridges has reached such a high consumer demand for its products that the supply of recycled cartridges it purchases from OfficeMax and Staples are no longer sufficient. In order to procure the needed waste materials, Clover has created Evolve Recycling, a subsidiarity responsible for procuring cartridges directly from consumers.

Depending on the printer cartridge, Evolve will reimburse customers up to ten dollar per piece. The company also provides shipping boxes and prepaid postage so consumers are relieved of all mailing costs.

Evolve may be a unique idea, but it was created out of necessity as its parent company needs a constant and reliable source of unwanted and used cartridges for its manufacturing process. Clover sells over two million re-furbished cartridges for ink and laser printers every month throughout North America so a decrease in cartridge collection can negatively impact future production and sales.

Re-manufactured printer cartridges are responsible for fifteen percent of the cartridge market, with steady year over year growth as both individual and business consumers desire less expensive printing options made from recycled materials.

Evolve currently collects close to eleven thousand unwanted cartridges per month from individuals and businesses. The company’s goal is to collect one million cartridges per month by the close of 2013.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If your business is feeling the squeeze from procuring waste materials from other re-sellers, consider trying the Evolve model and source directly from consumers. Recycling becomes attractive when there’s a “green” incentive!