Towns Save Big With Pay-To-Throw

In three years, the city of Gloucester, Massachusetts has saved close to one million dollars by moving to a “pay as you throw” (PAYT) waste and recycling system for all residents. The three year period prior to the switch found the city paying out close to two million dollars for collection, sorting, and processing. City officials and residents are extremely pleased with the change and the cost savings.

In addition to the benefit of saving a million dollars from the city’s operating budget, the change to PAYT has had the added environmental benefit of having a twenty eight percent decrease in the amount of waste heading to regional landfills. Before launching the program, the city collected more than nine thousand tons of garbage. In 2009 that number dropped to seventy five hundred and in 2010 dropped even more to seven thousand tons.

The PAYT program, which charges residents for trash removal based on the amount of garbage they produce, has encouraged everyone to economize through increased levels of recycling and separation of waste materials.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: While some people will respond to the importance of preserving the environment, most people will respond to measures that involve their checkbook or wallet! If you’re looking to save money by reducing waste disposal fees, pass the savings along as a benefit to increased recycling and you’ll see greater participation!