Demand For Recycled Plastic Rises

It is expected that the demand from manufacturers for recycled plastic will rise close to seven percent by the year 2016 with a need for over three and one half billion pounds of material.

This amount is nearly one billion pounds more than what was needed in 2012 and is due to the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging and consumer products. In addition, technologically advanced recycling processing and sorting machinery allows recyclers to identify and use more types of plastic resin products.

Continued efforts from federal, state and municipal governments to cut costs by increasing recycling efforts while limiting of charging more for landfill dumping of trash will also assist in ensuring that the demand for recycled plastic is met with an adequate and affordable supply.

Using recycled plastic for packaging will be the primary market for re-sellers and recyclers with plastic bottles being responsible for providing close to half of the demand. In 2011, PET and HDPE plastics were responsible for filling close to seventy percent of the market need. Business and consumer sectors that currently use minimal recycled plastic but could experience growth are construction products, packaging film, and the automotive industry.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: The business and consumer demand for recycled plastics isn’t going away. Looking for new ways to satisfy this need in your sector is a great way to make green while supporting green initiatives like recycling!