Michigan Vows To Improve Recycling

The state of Michigan is vowing to improve its twenty percent recycling rate in the new year, claiming that with a new strategic plan for energy and environmental conservation, it should be able to do better. The new year will see the state examining options, with a comprehensive initiative being put into place for 2014.

Currently, only thirty-five percent of all Michigan residents are provided with curbside recycling options. This is the lowest amount compared to all states in the north central region according to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. In addition to increasing recycling rates and reducing the amount of trash disposed of in landfills, the state is also looking to make improvements in green energy, evaluate the pros and cons of hyrdo-fracking for natural gas, and urban farming as a measure to cultivate abandoned or unused parcels of land in city areas.

The Michigan Recycling Coalition is confident that the state could easily recycle at least thirty percent of generated waste which would put it on par with other states in the region as well as create additional jobs and economic growth in the collection, processing, and re-selling of recycled materials. One simply way to raise the rate would be to lift the currently state-wide ban on yard and organic waste.

One area that Michigan excels in is the recycling of beverage bottles. Due to a ten cent deposit/refund per bottle, the state claims a ninety-six percent return rate on all bottles sold.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: As the new year approaches, take the time to perform a recycling and waste audit on your business or household. What areas are you doing well in and what needs to be improved? Make a plan to investigate and implement enhancements over the next twelve months.