From Waste To Fuel

Imagine if your community’s organic food and yard waste was turned into a fuel for use in vehicles? The reality may not be that far off based on a research report recently released by the New York based company, Energy Vision in collaboration with CALSTART, a consortium of business and research interests focusing on the development of clean and innovative transportation technologies. The group states that using biogas originating from common organic waste has the potential to be used as a transportation fuel.

Organic waste biogas has the potential to generate electric power and provide heating to homes and buildings; and this is currently done in certain areas of the United States but converting organic waste into a clean fuel solution for vehicles is new and innovative. However, the creation process is similar to natural gas where as the organic waste decomposes, the resulting gases are collected and refined so they can be used effectively.

Energy Vision and CALSTART are hopeful that communities having forty thousand or more residents would be able to generate sufficient organic waste to produce the clean fuel to power their municipal vehicles such as police cars, school buses, and snowplows throughout the year. Smaller sized communities could form neighboring co-operatives to combine organic waste and share the resulting fuel.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: What are your community leaders doing to reduce costs and protect the environment? Organic waste is something that all of us generate, so why not have it be an asset instead of a liability!