An End to Plastics Waste Recycling Codes?

The plastics recycling industry has introduced a new community outreach and education plan that removes resin identification codes from plastics. The group cites that the codes prevent recycling as they cause confusion among most consumers.

The new recycling plan instead uses the six types of plastics that are most popular and easily identified by consumers.

Resin identification codes, which are a number located inside of a triangle made of arrows and stamped on the bottom of plastic containers, were initially designed for the recycling industry and not for household individuals. They have been in use for over twenty fice years. Consumers often have difficulty identifying the number or have uncertainties about which numbers are accepted by their municipality.

The new plastics recycling plan illustrates six different categories:

1) Plastic bottles
2) Plastic containers without thermoformed packaging
3) Plastic containers with thermoformed packaging
4) Rigid plastic without bags or foam
5) Plastic with bags or film wrap
6) Plastic without bags or film wrap.

Each category will have a corresponding graphic as well as facts designed to help individuals properly identify the plastic they are looking to recycle. The hope is that consumers will be able to easily and quickly determine which plastics can be put in their recycling bin without searching for resin codes.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If you’re looking to increase waste recycling in your home or business, make it as simple and easy as possible for everyone to know what belongs in the recycling bin and what goes out for the trash. Educating all involved will have to reduce your waste disposal costs!