Remyxx’s 100% Recycled Shoes

How about this for an innovative business idea? Using a mixture of number 5 recycled plastics such as yogurt containers, Remyxx shoes is making a name for themselves while promoting recycling. Printed on the very top of the shoe, and making quite a statement, is the number 5 recycling symbol of a triangle made of three arrows.

Gary Gagnon is the founder of this new venture, and he is currently working on getting these shoes in front of a larger audience. The entire shoe is 100% recyclable from the bottom sole to the laces to the padding in-between. The idea for the Remyxx shoe came about when he noticed a pair of old sneakers in a trash can – ready to go off to a landfill. He  then met with a chemist who helped him to create the mix of plastics that go in to making his distinctive, unique sneakers.

The material created by the recycled plastics has the appearance of canvas, but is something else entirely. Remyxx has recently raised almost forty five thousand dollars through a fundraising campaign and plans on using the funds to make more of the eco-friendly shoes and officially start his business. The average cost of the shoe, which will be available in both youth and adult sizes, averages $65.

Each year over three hundred million pairs of shoes end up in landfills through traditional waste disposal means. The break-down time for most footwear is up to forty years depending on the material they are made of.

For buyers of the shoes, the company will offer the incentive program Reduce, Reuse, Remyxx, where their old Remyxx shoes can be sent back for recycling in return for a five dollar coupon for their next pair.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: One person’s trash can be another person’s goldmine! Take a look at what ends up in your trash bin. Are you missing out on an opportunity to make money and increase your business?