Safely Recycle e-Waste

Does this scenario sound familiar? You business would like to recycle electronics waste but you’re not sure where to take it, when to take it, and how to make sure that any information on the device has been successfully destroyed. As a result, you have a closet, or another storage area that is filled with old computer monitors, phones, printers, and other devices that haven’t been produced in years! You would like to use that space for something else, but you just don’t know how to get rid of the old electronics.

If your business is in this situation, you are not alone. Fear of having data get in the hands of unscrupulous individuals is a primary reason why businesses are hesitant to recycle.  While many recycling facilities buy hard drives and other computer parts of the valuable metals they contain, most of these locations do not have the proper training or authority to destroy the data found on e-waste equipment.

This uncertainty leads many businesses to simply smash the equipment and dispose of it with other trash in a landfill. Unfortunately, this has a very negative consequence on the environment as the components of e-waste often contain toxic substances that leech into the groundwater.

It pays to take the time to find a reputable recycler for your e-waste that fits your businesses needs. Some facilities offer money for the metals found in your devices, others will not. Some provide drive shredders right on site where you can verify that your material was properly destroyed. Select municipalities also offer public shredding and e-waste days where residents and businesses can properly dispose of their waste.

When you find a facility that accepts e-waste, ask for their procedures for destroying your materials. A trustworthy recycler will have this information on hand, along with the proper licenses and authorizations. Taking small steps to recycle your e-waste can help to improve the quality of the environment, possibly earn you a little money, and certainly free up some space in that storage closet!

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: The recycling opportunities are numerous for various business materials. Are you looking for ways to save money? Look to the e-waste that’s collecting in your office!