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Ideas for Reusing and Recycling in the Office

- Recycle copy paper, newspapers, paper cups, electronic equipment and batteries.

- Find safer substances to use rather than common and potentially hazardous chemical cleaners and

- Research for any regulations regarding electronics and bulbs containing mercury.

- Supplies made with recycled content can be purchased and recycled once again after use.

- Recycle old printer cartridges.

- Rather than assuming an old computer needs to be replaced, research ways to enhance the machine
   through new hard drives or memory expansion. This can save money and reduce office waste.

-  Share office party leftovers with friends and family. Donate untouched leftovers to homeless shelters
   and food banks.

-  Always print double sided copies to save paper. Use a smaller font size and select the fast draft
   option in printer settings.   This uses less ink, and therefore fewer cartridges.

-  Pay company bills online to save paper and other valuable resources.

-  Avoid printing hard copies when possible. Email company-wide memos and newsletters and save
   documents to a disk.

-  If a hard-copy memo or announcement is needed, post a few on office central bulletin boards rather
   than making an individual copy for each employee.

-  Recycle electronics.

-  Use paperclips rather than staples.

-  Use old or out of date documents for scrap paper and low priority print jobs.

-  Purchase recycled paper and recycle after use.

-  Keep a recycling bin present in the office. Multiple bins throughout the office can be helpful.

-  If an envelope has a metal clasp, such as a manila envelope, reuse it!

-  Reuse file folders. Newer labels can be placed over the outdated ones.

-  Buy refillable dispensers for adhesive tape to cut down on waste.

-  Computer disks can be reused if old contents are erased. No need to purchase new ones and
   dispose of a used one.

-  Rather than using disposable adhesive labels for envelopes and mailings, purchase a reusable rubber

-  Try to keep mailing and address lists up to date to avoid duplication or excess printing.

-  Call or write and ask that your company be removed from mailing lists when unnecessary literature or
   catalogues arrive.

-  Have central files that are available to all employees to reduce the number of print jobs and hard

-  Proof-read everything on the computer screen to avoid wasted paper and ink.

-  Donate old paper items like books or magazines to hospitals or libraries.

-  Communicate with suppliers and warehouses and ask about returning cardboard boxes or packaging
   supplies that you cannot reuse. They may be able to reuse their own supplies.

-  Ask if supplies can be delivered in returnable or recyclable packaging to reduce waste.

-  Use less packaging for your own company products, if applicable. You can also use recyclable
   containers or packaging made from recyclable products.

- Reuse old paper for packaging. Shredded paper makes for great packing.

-  Other packaging supplies like bubble wrap, peanuts, shredded paper and boxes can be reused or
   donated to companies that will use them.

Buying Green

-  Purchase needed supplies in bulk to reduce packaging and research options for recycled packaging.
   Reuse boxes or packaging whenever possible.

- Purchase energy-efficient items for the office.

-  Although cheaper up front, less durable supplies will wear out faster and need to be replaced. This  
costs money and creates unnecessary waste. Try to buy items that are durable, long lasting and


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