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Companies and organizations that recycle their old electronics, such as computers, printers, cellphones, and monitors, should carefully select their recycler.  Because of the sensitive data that may be stored on electronics devices, as well as some hazardous materials that older electronics contain, responsible handling is essential.


If your organization is selecting a new recycler, consider developing a team to develop the contract.  Each member of the team can focus on a different element of the recycler facility review process.  This group can later conduct on-site reviews of the recycling facility.

Develop your criteria and goals before researching recyclers. If your organization wants to sell scrap metal associated with its electronic waste, make this a part of the criteria.

Narrowing the Field

As you begin to research possible e-cycler facilities, consider the following:

The type and volume of products that the recycler processes

Any limitations on organizations serviced by the facility

All fees for processing various types of electronic waste

Any additional services, such as hauling, pickup, product tracking, or recycling guarantees that the recycler offers

The stability or reputation of the recycling facility. If possible, verify the facility’s compliance history to relevant state and federal regulations.


The EPA encourages government and private organizations to choose a Responsible Recycler or e-Steward certified recycler; these organizations certify recycling facilities according to legal requirements and their own sound practices. However, electronics recyclers are not required to become certified by third parties.

General Facility Information

Obtain some background information on the facility when considering a contract with them, such as

The length of the facility’s operation

The stability of the facility’s ownership

The incoming and outgoing numbers of electronics.  If the facility is not reselling or remanufacturing many electronics, it may be sending a large number to landfills.

The facility’s handling quantity of hazardous waste, which determines their compliance requirements.

The validity of a facility’s state license or operating permit.

Electronic Waste Processing

Recyclers should keep records of the weight and receipt date of all incoming electronics, as well as an acknowledgement that the materials will be processed legally. Make a note of the types of electronic waste the facility accepts.

Recyclers should make every effort to reuse or refurbish electronic materials, instead of incinerating or sending them to landfills.  Ensure that electronics sent out for reuse are tested first.

Determine what type of processing the recycler completes on site.  This could include:

Matching buyers of remanufactured products with the sellers

Reselling whole units

Disassembling units for parts retrieval

Recovering plastics, metals, glass, and other materials for processing

Due Diligence

Determine if the recycler handles hazardous waste, and if so, verify the recycling facility’s practice for treatment, processing, and handling.

Inquire about the handling of media, such as disks, paper, hard drives, or memory boards.  Are these media devices disposed, purged, cleared, or destroyed?

If devices are being refurbished and cleared, ask about the type of equipment or process that the recycler uses for overwriting or resetting the media.


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