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Many local communities already have recycling programs in place, but oftentimes cost, misinformation, or lack of planning prevents the start-up of a local recycling program. Lacking a recycling program does not prevent community members from recycling, but the ease of curbside pick-up and convenience of drop-off sites increases the likelihood of people actually participating.

Create a recycling team or committee.

Organization is important when evaluating the best choices for your community. When beginning a program, recycling teams need to determine the materials, market, budget, and specific services to be offered.  This team will also need to determine the collection method and how to transport materials to processors. State recycling offices can often help when establishing new local programs, but it helps to have a core team or one point of contact for the community.

Build a strong support base. 

In order for a local program to be successful, it will need support from members of the community.  Reach out to local businesses and organizations that would benefit from recycling incentives.  Contact local and state government leaders who strongly support recycling and enlist their help. Neighboring communities may be willing to share resources and assist with the program startup.

Build knowledge of the recycling market.

Read relevant publications that are up-to-date on recycling process, pricing, and research. Attend conferences or meetings of local recycling organizations.  Contact processors in your area and inquire about efficient practices in collection.

Determine how and what to recycle.

After gathering market information and data on the availability of resources, decide how wide your community’s recycling scope should be.  Some programs may begin by simply organizing a special campaign or event or relocating drop-off sites.  It may also be helpful to know the most common recyclable wastes in your community. Managing these common materials first, like glass, plastic, and paper, may be the most reasonable.

Consider collection methods.

Depending on the scope of your program, the recycling team should choose the most efficient collection method.  Smaller programs may start by maximizing space in existing collection centers or implementing recycling bins at public locations, like parks, playgrounds, schools, shopping centers, and event centers.  Other programs should consider investing in larger collection bins for curbside pickup, which prevents overflow recyclables from being disposed in the trash.

Educate the community and promote the program.

With some community members, participation can be easily promoted by merely informing them of how, when, and where to recycle.  Making this information easily accessible and visible is important.  With others in the community, a stronger marketing initiative may be required.  Provide monetary and intrinsic incentives for recycling.  Consider the entire population of your community; reach out to all ages and ethnicities.  Find supporters who lead these groups and ask them to help promote the program.

Enlist government help.

Many state governments provide grants or other funding to assist in recycling program development and improvement.  Contact local officials for support, stressing the economic, environmental, and health benefits of recycling. Local officials not only have the opportunity to promote the program but also impact waste related legislature

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