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Many offices offer recycling bins to divert paper waste, but there are a number of other office products that can be recycled and purchased with recycled content.  In addition conserving energy and preventing solid waste buildup, buying recycled office products helps drive the demand for recycling.  Some non-paper office supplies include binders, toner cartridges, office furniture, trash bags, and plastic desktop accessories.


When purchasing recycled office supplies, the EPA recommends certain percentages of recycled content, depending on the item.  Some suggested non-paper items are provided below with their recommended recovered material percentages.

Solid plastic binders:  30 to 100 percent

Numerous types of recycled plastics are used to manufacture solid plastic binders.  Types include polyethylene, high density polyethylene (HDPE), and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Plastic clipboards and file folders: 50 to 90 percent

Most plastic clipboards and file folders are produced from HDPE.


Recycling or trash receptacles:  25 to 100 percent

Depending on the type, receptacles are produced using plastic, steel, corrugated paper, or industrial paperboard. 


Desktop organizers, sorts, trays, and other accessories:  25 to 80 percent

Polystyrene composes most plastic desktop accessories.

Toner and cartridges: Because toner cartridges can be refilled or reused by retailers and manufacturers, no recycled content percentage is provided.


Office Furniture:  25 to 100 percent

A variety of recycled materials are used to produce office furniture, including steel, aluminum, wood, fabric, and plastic.  There are also many furniture pieces that could be refurbished or refinished and reused.


Partner procurement and recycling efforts with reducing and preventing waste.  Try one of the tips below. Start with breaking one or two wasteful habits and then moving on to others.

Print using both sides of the paper, and use electronic alternatives for paper when possible.  Encryption and password protecting documents assist with maintaining security.  Many programs provide electronic Post-it notes as well.

Create your own scratch pads from misprinted or scrap paper, using an adhesive padding compound.

Seek to decrease the amount of junk mail you receive from solicitors.  Also consider reusing envelopes by changing the label only.

Suggest or purchase reusable coffee mugs or thermoses for employees.

Purchase rechargeable batteries for small electronic office devices like flashlights.  Rechargeable batteries are recyclable at the end of their useful life.

Save and reuse packaging that comes in from shipments for outgoing mail.  Also try ordering from manufacturers that use less packaging.

Alternate the use of less toxic cleaners with stronger ones.  Reduce the use of strong chemicals to about once a month.

If you control the landscaping at your office, consider using grass clippings for mulch to prevent water waste and weeds.

Maintain and efficient system for ordering only supplies that you need and will use. Balance bulk purchases by considering the shelf life of a product first.

Keep employees mindful of any recycling efforts by posting signs and sending electronic reminders. Designate a responsible employee to organize places for disposal and schedule pick-up. Promote recycling efforts to visiting clients and customers.

Check for any local government awards given to businesses that promote recycling.


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