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Companies, local governments, schools, and other organizations must develop contracts with haulers, recyclers, and disposers to manage their waste.  In the past, haulers and disposers developed a simple contract based on weight or volume.  These haulers, in turn, must pay landfills for disposal costs.  From waste generator to contractors, there is little accountability for limiting waste or promoting recycling.

Resource management, however, emphasizes strategic contracting with haulers, recyclers, and other stakeholders.  With this type of contracting, waste generators and contractors are rewarded for diverting waste and increasing recycling.

Benefits of Resource Management

Implementing resource management has shown to benefit practicing organizations in a number of ways, including:

Increasing the volume of recycling

Reducing cost savings from current disposal contracts

Increasing the volume of waste diverted from landfills

Combining separate contracts for hauling, disposing, consulting, and cleaning into one contract for more services.

Effective of Resource Management

Developing a contract that aligns contractors’ goals with waste generators’ goals makes waste management more efficient.

Resource Management contracts:

Create a fee “cap” for the volume and weight of waste hauled.  Generators are rewarded monetarily for limiting their waste volume.

Create a partnership between both generator and contractor.

Develop contractor services that go beyond materials and transport.  Contractors provide information, data management, and design services.

Traditional contracts:

Charge a unit price to the generator based on volume, weight, or pick-up frequency.

Allow minimal contact and communication between generator and hauler.

Provide minimal service, such as a hauling, with no feedback or interest in impacting waste generation.

Developing Resource Management

Resource management is all about strategic contracting.  Other organizations that have implemented resource management have followed these practices:

1.    Determine the scope of services you want.  Evaluate current and future goals and identify your current hauling and disposal services in use. Establish your waste reduction and recycling goals.

2.    Obtain input from contractors.  Hold meetings with several “bidders,” and get their suggestions on how they would achieve your goals. 

3.   Make sure that your contractor has access to managers or coordinators who will influence and inform others. 

4.  Develop specific pricing information for materials, maintenance, hauling, disposal, data  collection, and other services. Include incentives that will equally benefit contractor and waste generator, like cost savings or bonuses for decreasing waste volume. Implement fees for failure to meet performance goals.

Sample Services from Resource Management Contractors

The types of services included in resource management contracts can be individualized.  Many contractors may already offer some combination of these services.

Education and training

Waste tracking systems

Garbage and recycling. Most hauling contractors include garbage and recycling pick-up in their services.  Effective resource management may include sorting recyclables. Many contractors also include recycle processing, including marketing and outreach, in addition to pickup.

Yard Trimmings.  Some contractors may offer to collect yard waste seasonally.  Though the size and amount of the waste may be limited, this type of collection can reduce illegal dumping.  Additionally, contractors may choose to include yard waste processing, usually composting, in their services.


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