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Disposal, Handling and Recycling Information for Various Materials

1.      Batteries

-        Alkaline batteries can be disposed of in the regular trash, but it’s recommended that you recycle
      them and/or replace them with rechargeable batteries

-        Button cell and rechargeable batteries are hazardous and can be dropped off at the Hazardous
      Waste Collection Center.

-        Button cell batteries may be accepted by jewelers or places that do camera or watch repair.

-        Rechargeable batteries can be dropped off at a Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corp. box, which
      are found in many locations.

-        Vehicle batteries can be recycled at any place that sells vehicle batteries and you can save money
      by buying a new battery when you recycle your old one.

2.      Building & Demolition Materials

-        Some companies (like Habitat for Humanity) will recycle construction materials

-        Florida Concrete Recycling will recycle concrete and asphalt

-        Certain items can be dropped off at disposal centers or landfills

-        Reuse gravel, sand, bricks

3.      Cardboard

-        Old cardboard boxes can be reused for things such as storage or mailing.

-        Recycling companies accept flattened cardboard boxes

-        Business recycling services provide recycling bins and pickups for cardboard

4.      Computers & Accessories

-        Sell old computer parts to other people who need them

-        Some computer companies will recycle old parts for you if you send them in (Dell does this).

-        Donate to thrift stores, charities, or schools.

-        Drop off at the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center

5.      Documents & Office Paper

-        Confidential papers can be shredded (on- or off-site) and recycled by certain companies

-        Shredded or unshredded documents can be dropped off or arranged to be picked up by many
      recycling companies.

6.      Drum Containers

-        Filled drums can be dropped off at the Hazardous Waste Collection Center. Make sure you tell
      them whatever’s inside the drum.

-        Empty metal drums can be sold to a metal recycler.

7.      Hazardous Electronics

-        If at all possible, repair the electronics for further use.

-        Donate working items that you no longer need to thrift stores, charities, churches, or schools.

-        Sell working items to other people that may need them using the internet or newspaper.

-        Electronics can be dropped off at almost any recycling collection center

8.      Fire Extinguishers

-        Empty fire extinguishers can be disposed in the regular trash.

-        Fire extinguisher companies can recharge or dispose of fire extinguishers.

-        The Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center accepts fire extinguishers.

9.      Fluorescent Lighting

-        Can be dropped off at the Hazardous Waste Collection Center.

-        Some hardware stores offer exchange programs for fluorescent bulbs.

-        Fluorescent bulb crushers can be bought and used in-house to reduce the volume of bulbs.

10.   Food

-        Instead of disposing of unwanted food, consider starting a composting program and turning it into

11.   Glass

-       Glass bottles can be reused as storage or for other things.

-        Bottles and jars can be recycled at recycling centers

-        Glass windows or doors can be recycled at building materials recyclers

12.      Junk Mail

-     Junk mail can be a problem for both residents and business owners. It’s a waste of paper and a
      waste of space.

-     Visit www-stopjunkmail-org for information about stopping junk mail.

-     Include junk mail in your company’s recycling program.

-     Junk mail can be recycled at most recycling centers or can be dropped off with other paper

13.      Magazines

-     Recycle magazines with other paper waste.

-     Magazines can be donated to libraries, hospitals, churches, schools, or any other place that may
      collect magazines for waiting rooms or projects.

14.      Scrap Meta

-     Some metal recyclers will pay you for any scrap metal you have.

-     Regular recycling centers may also accept metal.

15.      Motor Oil

-     Motor oil is considered to be hazardous waste and should be treated as such. Do not dispose of it
      with regular waste, instead, bring it to a hazardous waste collection center.

-     Some automotive stores will also accept motor oil for recycling purposes. Call ahead to make sure
      it’s accepted.

-     Used oil handlers can also be contacted to dispose of oil.

-     Anything that has been used to absorb the oil should also be disposed of in the same way.

16.      Packing Peanuts

-     Packing peanuts can be reused for shipping or safe storage of item

-     Peanuts that won’t be used can be donated to most packing or mailing stores. Some will also take
      packing paper, bubble wrap, or other old shipping supplies as well.

-     Recycling centers accept packing peanuts.

17.      Pallets

-     Suppliers will sometimes recycle old pallets.

-     Other businesses may need pallets if they are in working condition.

-     Bring to a recycling center. Some places may grind old pallets into wood chips or other useful

-     Wood recovery centers will dispose of pallets for a fee.

18.      Paper

-     Reuse unused back sides of paper as scratch paper for drafting emails/letters or anything else you
 may need.

-     Recycle at any recycling center.

-     Arrange for a recycling company to pick up paper products from your business on a regular basis.

-     Document management companies will shred and recycle confidential papers if necessary.

19.      Plastic Bottles

-     Plastic bottles marked #1, #2, or #3 can be recycled at any recycling center. Milk jugs, soda
      bottles, and water bottles are also recyclable.

-     Recycled bottles can also be picked up by recycling services for a fee.

20.      Heavy Plastic Waste (PVC pipes, plastic containers, etc.)

-     Plastic can be exchanged with other people who may need plastic. 
       http://www.wastecare.com/exchange/index.php or www-wastexchange-org.

-     If you have a large amount of plastic to get rid of, a plastics recycling company may be necessary.

-     Plastic can be disposed of by some recycling centers.

21.   Printer Cartridges

-     Printer cartridges are hazardous waste.

-     Many manufacturers of printer cartridges will accept used cartridges being mailed back to them

-     Hazardous waste collection centers will accept cartridges.

-     Office supply stores may also accept used printer cartridges.

22.   Tires

-     Repair tires for reuse by patching them when possible.

-     There are specific places that will recycle or dispose of used tires. Contact the solid waste
      department for information.


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