Small Business Waste Recycling Success Stories

Think small businesses can save big by better management of their waste disposal and recycling practices? The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has an entire section of their website dedicated to case studies and success stories of what small, independently owned businesses have done to go green and save green! Here are just a few examples:

  • In Grand Rapids, Minnesota, a small newspaper printing business encouraged all employees to use materials efficiently. By reusing and recycling, the company saw huge savings by reducing the amount of solid and hazardous waste in needed to send to landfills and pay disposal fees for, and cutting back on the amount of raw materials it needed to purchase. The business reduced it amount of solid waste by ninety-seven percent and saved over two hundred and fifty pounds of ink each year. The amount of money saved in one year exceeded twenty two thousand dollars and the cost to makes these changes was zero.
  • In Ligonier, Indiana, a manufacturing business reduced their textile waste by two tons by laundering and reusing gloves instead of throwing them away. The business also switched to reusable wiping cloths instead of buying paper towels. The total savings experienced was thirty five thousand dollars.
  • Applied Specialties in Ohio made the switch to┬áre-manufactured toner cartridges for their printers and fax machines and saved six hundred dollars. By requiring email, digital storage of documents and double-sided printing, paper costs were reduced by over three hundred dollars.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Whether your business is big or small, blue-collar, white-collar, service, technical, professional or something in-between, you can take inspiration and ideas away from these success stories. Reducing waste and boosting recycling saves money and the environment – you just need to find the right combination of strategies and plans that will work for you, your industry, and your employees!