Americans Want Increased Waste Recycling Opportunities

In a recent survey commissioned by the Environmental Industry Associations (EIA), the results showed that a majority of Americans want to recycle more of their waste materials but don’t always know how and what can be recycled and how to properly separate and dispose of materials that can be.

The online research survey which was conducted earlier in 2013, reported that eighty two percent of Americans have positive feelings of community pride when they recycle, and close to sixty two percent admitted to feeling guilty when throwing recyclable items such as newspaper, plastic bottles and glass containers into the trash. The survey also showed that close to seventy five percent of Americans make an effort to recycle when they are at airports, sporting events, schools and public parks, and other locations outside of their home or apartment. Close to sixty percent said their business or place of employment has recycling options available to them.

However, respondents acknowledged that if a recycling bin is not close by, more than half will dispose of that item into the trash. The other half said they would hold on to the item until they had a means to properly recycle it. The hardest places and times to recycle, with less than twenty five percent participation include vacations, dining at restaurants without recycling options, and walking in cities that don’t provide recycling bins alongside trash containers.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If you’re trying to cut costs and boost your businesses waste recycling rate, ask your employees and customers what would be convenient and accessible for them. Would more recycling bins help? Are there opportunities for new types of recycling such as collecting food scraps or organic waste for composting and biogas? You’ll never know how much waste and energy you can save until you ask!