Sports Fans Get Royal Treatment For E-Waste

Fans of the Kansas City Royals American League baseball team were in for a fun surprise at a recent electronics waste recycling and collection event. Held at the Royals’ home field, Kauffmann Stadium, the e-waste drop-off event was sponsored by Players for the Planet, a non-profit group that collaborates with sports teams around the country to help foster greater environmental awareness.

In a group effort involving Players for the Planet, Interstate Batteries, Vintage Tech Recyclers, Goodwill Industries, and Bridging the Gap, the two-day long electronics recycling event yielded over twenty five thousand pounds of unwanted, broken, or outdated computers, televisions, home electronics, cell phones, and gaming and media devices.

The big surprise for baseball fans came when Royals team-mates Jeremy Guthrie, Chris Gets, and Mike Moustakas stopped by to give out ticket vouchers for upcoming Royals home games for those recycling their unwanted electronics. All organizations involved believed the event not only helped to bring greater awareness to the community about the safe and responsible ways to recycle electronics but also showed participants the value of recycled materials as a part of the re-use and re-manufacturing stream.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: While electronics waste like old computers and equipment might take up space in your storage closet, it’s components can do serious damage to the environment if disposed of in a landfill. Make sure your business acts responsibly by recycling e-waste through an authorized recycler or special community event. You’ll gain space in that storage room and help to keep your community green!