Apple Starts New Recycling Program

The internationally popular computer and cell phone maker, Apple, has come forward with a consumer-focused plan to make it easier to recycle old iPhones and receive credit toward the purchase of a new one. The new program will be called iPhone Reuse and Recycling and be available at all Apple retail store locations.

The program, which started at select stores in late summer, and will roll out to other locations throughout the fall months, allows any individual with a valid cell phone contract using the iPhone to trade their unwanted, out dated, or used phone for store credit. The credit is designed to be used towards purchasing a new iPhone. The only qualification for participating is that the used cell phone must be in working order in order to participate and receive store credit funds.

The launch of Apple’s new recycling program coincides with the company’s release of the new iPhone 5S. Expected to be a popular choice among iPhone users, the recycling plan will provide consumers with a safe and easy way to recycle their old cell phones while receiving some credit towards a new one.

Wastecare Wants You to Remember: Providing product recycling solutions to your customers is a great way to encourage recycling and enhance the buying cycle. This strategy works well for all kinds of electronics waste such as cell phones, computers, and home electronics as these items have value on the after-market once they are dismantled. However, if you think creatively, you might be able to offer a similar bring-back program for other items that have value in your area.