Save Money With Green Office Technology

If you’re looking to save your business money by reducing waste and enhancing recycling and other environmentally friendly practices, take a look at the resources provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Here are just a few of the suggestions you can try to incorporate “green” practices at work:

  • “Green” your printer by changing your settings to print double-sided pages. Use small type sizes when available and choose the “draft” option when printing to use less ink.
  • Use e-billing programs to pay routine bills for services and utilities when possible to save on postage.
  • Instead of printing paper copies of documents to store in paper file folders, save them to a computer or external device to keep records.
  • When shopping around for new cell phones or other electronics, look at leasing programs that includes proper recycling as part of the service contract.
  • Recycle or donate old cell phones and computers.
  • Re-use old documents as scrap paper
  • To encourage employees to recycle paper, make sure designated bins are easily accessible.
  • Reuse inter-office envelopes and file folders by putting a blank label over old information.
  • Use refillable tape dispensers instead of single serving ones.
  • Instead of printing labels for items such as a return address, use a customized rubber stamp and ink pad.
  • Encourage employees to use public transportation or car pooling to save on gas and pollution generation.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: If you want to save money in the office, it’s important to get all of your employees involved. Solicit suggestions and ideas from them and respond to their requests. Could the front office staff use recycling bins for paper? Does your sales force have an idea for reducing the cost of their cell phones? You never know who might be able to generate the biggest money saving idea!