Does Your Business Have WaterSense?

Regardless of whether your business if commercial, industrial, or institutional, you are going to be using water every day. Did you know that regular, publicly supplied water usage in facilities such as schools, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, retail locations, and office buildings can amount to more than seventeen percent of the business’ expenses and eighteen percent of all energy use by businesses in this country. Cutting back on water use by using water-efficient products and servicesĀ and adopting good water conservation practices in business facilities can have a significant impact in helping to reduce water use and fees faced by businesses and communities.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can assist your business reduce water use through its WaterSense program. Here are just a few of their suggestions:

1) Install WaterSense rated products such as water tanks, toilets, and water filters in your building.
2) Vigilantly monitor your building water use through careful analysis of your water meter to give early indications of leaks.
3) Review management and operations practices to identify areas where water use could be reduced or more effectively managed (example: do automatic lawn sprinkler systems go on when it’s raining?).
4) Stay up-to-date on best practices, new innovations, and case studies within your industry.
5) Incorporate ENERGY STAR available products to help track water and energy use and quantify both reductions in water and energy as well as cost savings.

WasteCare Wants You to Remember: Waste water costs your business money so it’s worth exploring ways to minimize water use and maximize the re-use of gray water. You’ll be able to save “green” every month by going green and opting to protect the environment with your water and energy choices!